When In Doubt, Throw A Shawl On It

Have you noticed that the shawl is back?

Every next level of your life will demand something different in your style choices. That’s what I was thinking about while walking down the Tiber river. Walking for me has always worked as a creativity booster and this is especially true when you have the priviledge to walk around such a magnificent city as Rome. But so far it has been helpful to focus on other interesting matters related to my work. I’m talking about the way we dress to express ourselves and how it needs to change in order to match the variety of different selves that we are.

Even though each individuaI has a personal style based on his/her traits and taste, sometimes we need to project a specific image of us that could turn useful in a specific environment. Speaking of which, when moving in my professional life I want to appear confident and competent and to be taken seriously. Of course I don’t want to look too intimidating and still keep some sweet and feminine touches. Through a perfect and well balanced styling you can achieve all this in one look only. This is what I tried to do when putting together what I wear in the pictures below.

For the whole outfit I started from the outwear following the rule: When in doubt, remember, a monochromatic fringed shawl delivers chic style in seconds. As they come in tons of fabrics, you could choose a polished style as an hyper-glam option for your fancy date night.

Second tip: Create a little texture. Fringes and patent leather are a match made in heaven. I believe that those together can convey an effortless yet professional vibe. After all playing with structure is just as fun as playing with prints.

Least but not last : A jacket is always a good idea. It’s undeniable
that jackets, whatever the shape and fit, keep the very essence of
timeless elegance and polished appearance. So I’ll suggest to start
wearing them more often.

What’s not to love about this look?

It’s so good and it’s practically begging you to bring it out on the best kind of date.The one with your best self.

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