Awwtumn: the cutest season!!!

Awwtumn, for us, means getting to layer up! It may sound challenging but it’s actually quite fun 🙂 Cause just because a look is warming it doesn’t have to be boring.

Fashion rule #1 : you should never have to sacrifice style for comfort.

Fashion rule #2 : make a look more interesting by giving it more dimension. You could play with different textures such as plaid, knits and suede.

Fashion rule #3 : never underestimate what a structured coat can do to an outfit.

You may remember the wool cream coat with a tailored cut that I’ve worn too many times, a staple that can elevate and bring sophistication to any look."Awwtumn: the cutest season" Editorial by 2 of a Kind Mag

With the weather being so unexpected these days I’ve been using my faux fur sweater to keep me warm & fuzzy; this pullover is perfect for morning coffee runs or quiet afternoon strollings. Or, instead of styling the piece with your go-to skinnies, you could take it even further by slipping it over a slinky dress for a relaxing night out. Any way I paired it with my tartan mid rise leggings which have seriously been my life savers because of their super warm lining.

"Awwtumn: the cutest season" Editorial by 2 of a Kind MagOn my way out I realized that it was way too freezing for just that, so I added a big rust knitted fabric scarf and throw a cozy lurex thread woven hat on my messy head of hair. Grabbed a huge caramel suede bag to complete my look.

"Awwtumn: the cutest season" Editorial by 2 of a Kind Mag

"Awwtumn: the cutest season" Editorial by 2 of a Kind Mag

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