Building a killer wardrobe

Re-evaluating age and style evolution

These days I’m in Valencia celebrating my birthday with my sister and I’m obviously having a great time but before leaving I must confess I had some thoughts about getting older and coping with age.
But you know what ? Since I’m here, away, I’m starting to re-evaluate the whole thing from a style-wise point of view and actually I’m quite glad time is passing by so fruitfully. In fact, looking back at my older photos I cringe at some of the outfits I wore, but now I believe it was a necessary part of the process in defining my style.

But what do I mean exactly? If you ask me developing a style isn’t just about looking cute or appropriate. It’s more like matching your personality to your wardrobe and expressing your true self while building a look. In few words it’s all about finding and sharing you.

That’s precisely what I did when picking up what to wear for my birthday.

First of all I had to wear my winter ultimate staple: the embroidered lettering sweatshirt. I went for my burgundy “Voyenvysm” hoodie as is the perfect combo of cozy/classy. Perfect to keep me warm when the cold weather comes and lovely to layer under my go-to sartorial blazer by HOBA RtW which I’m so obsessed about so far: it makes me feel so powerful and confident! I believe that very woman should own a good fitting blazer to enact the real girl boss look or for dressing it down when needed.
I paired the top part with a pair of flowy palazzo pants in lurex fabric as I felt like incorporating some glitter to sparkle up my celebration day.
Bold make-up and earring completed my look.

Want another styling device I rely on when the cold weather comes? The overside duster coat layered over the blazer -I simply love this look. It’s elegant, it’s cosy but mostly, downright effortless.

For my birthday I wished to get to know me each year better than the last and being able to share on the outside what’s on the inside through my constantly evolving killer wardrobe. I envision it full different pieces and accessories that give a whole bunch of contrasting but interesting vibes. Cause the thing is I can love sartorial and bohemien, classic and edgy, colorful and minimalist, romantic and tomboyish, at the same time. I found out I’m all of this key and I need to keep my style true to myself.

And you? What do you wish for youself? Have you figured out how to express yourself in the most authentic way? Write it in the comments.

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