Going classic with a twist

When classic is way far from boring What I find most exciting about fashion is the never ending array of styling possibilities you actually get just mix and matching the same pieces in different ways. Continue Reading →

Babushka Headscarves Making a Comeback (again)!

                        You must admit that headscarves tied below the chin are unlikely seen as a contemporary accessory. Nevertheless babushka style is definitely kickin’ it Continue Reading →

Each Day is Valentine’s Day

You have a romantic dinner date? You’re going out with your friends for those kind of one too many cocktails night out? you’re having a cozy night in with someone special? Everything is planned but Continue Reading →

Heading to a fancy carnival party and still don’t have the right disguise?

Everybody ( ehm…almost ) loves a good carnival. Not only do we have a socially sanctioned excuse to wear funny and ridiculously silly items but also we have a chance to get kooky-creative and party Continue Reading →

Tips for travel planning? Sun & comfort food will open your mind!

  Eventually we picked a destination for our short yet necessary vacation and it’s going to be Andalusia! For starters, here to you some numbers: 1 car, 2 sisters, 7 days, 5 cities and a Continue Reading →

As we were strolling around the streets of Bari…

We got lost in “Bari Vecchia” and we took the chance to shoot some pics of a new and slightly boho outfit! Bari has definitely some crackers locations: you got the historical spots, the brightful Continue Reading →