Hello My New Versatile Maxi

I finally found my go-to maxi dress

There is something about lighthouses that speaks to my deepest self and lure my nomadic soul. They are an allegory, an ancient and symbolic idea about the inner meaning of the act of going and eventually coming back. The whole building, standing still in its loneliness is the perfect invitation to take time off and speculate.

That’s what I did during those few days of vacation in Apulia. As I couldn’t plan much in advance and neither I was sure about the weather, I tried to pack smart and versatile pieces that could offer both style and comfort when needed. If you ask me maxi and long dresses are exactly what you’re looking for when talking about last-minute-travel-packing-staples ( and yes, that’s a thing now that I just made it up). They offer a kind of easy versatility that we all look for and can’t be discounted.

Not only are they all-in-one-outfits that require next to no styling, but they can easily work like a blank canvas for all your statement accessories. Just think about how promptly with one or two styling adjustments, the same maxi could get you anywhere from day to night.

Those are part of the reasons why I’m genuinely obsessed with this one in the pictures. First of all the modern and fresh pattern and after that its flattering fit which makes it suitable for most women body type. But most of all I like its delicate details like the contrasting part cut in bias and the elegant slit on the side. Nothing billows in the spring breeze quite like a side-slit and nothing feels as effortlessy comfortable as an ankle-lenght long dress either.

That’s so perfect also for the person who gets nervous about floor-lenght hemlines. This time I styled it with ankle lenght fish-nets which are having quite a moment and my beloved red-wine pointy boots. I’ve experienced that those cuties go pretty much I pull out of the closet.

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