My New Year’s fashion resolutions

Trying to write down a list I could actually tick off

I’ve always believed in the magnetic power of a fresh-start and that’s the reasons why this year like many others behind, I ended up writing down my very own resolutions even though I promised myself not to list down anything I was not willing to achieve.

Backstory is I started thinking about this upcoming fresh start more than one month earlier when we drove to the amazing city of Benidorm. The place is amazing and kind of surreal, full of picturesque spots like the Mediterranean Balcony: definitely the best corner to contemplate an endless view of the sea and the impressive skyline of Benidorm.

I took some moments for myself there and watched this breathtaking natural display thinking about me, setting my priorities having considered my values and achieving my goals.

In this perspective resolutions never go out of style cause self-improvement is not an obsolete subject.

So, as much as I’m committed to do better, I’m also determined to keep it simple and genuinely make it happen.

I’ve actually written more points but I’ll keep the private personal part to myself sharing with you guys my special 7 fashion resolutions list for 2019 hoping it inspires you!

  • I’ll nvest in more tailored sartorial/ artisanal/high end pieces that will last a lifetime instead of highstreet pieces.
  • If I do buy highstreet pieces, because lets face it, can happen, to make sure they’re pieces that will make a difference to my wardrobe. No more just buying for the sake of it.
  • I’ll invest in fit and try and stay classic this year, buying less trend led pieces and more classics that I can wear no matter what’s in.
  • Style- Experimenting is cool. I will continue this.
  • I want to rewear pieces I already have, figuring out ways to style them differently.
  • I dress for me and will only wear clothes that I feel good in.
  • Confidence is half the recipe of a good outfit.

And just to show you I’m serious about it I tried to apply those ideas while putting together the look you see in the pictures.

I layered my super comfy baroque print velvety leggings with my ribbed camel knit sweater I have since highschool. To give the whole thing a modern twist I topped it with a lightweight chiffon python print shirt. As I was feeling warm enough I simply throw on my “Hobapproved” lettering pinstripe denim dress-robe by HOBA RTW. I love this piece which is slowly making its way among my wardrobe staples because of the way It makes me feel: polished yet edgy, sophisticated yet modern. Finally I wanted to add a color touch by incorporating my bold coral hue Adidas shoes, perfect for walking and as an outfit supporting player. I finish the look with my beige beanie also by HOBA RTW: straightforward and simple, but with just enough contemporary flair.

Hope you guys are doing great and you’re feeling like you can face any new challenge! Cause you know how they say..if you can dream it…

Love you all

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