Play in Plaid

I’m officially committed to this whole layering game ! and I believe I’ll always be an enthusiastic player as long as it will allow me to embody my ever-growing maximalistic carvings. Anyway, the helpful tecnique could come in handy during the winter season even if you are more of a minimalist-monochromatic-outfit-kind-of-person. Venturing slightly outside your comfort zone might come as a shock but could help with the bare necessities of keeping your reluctant body warm and cozy.

For those who believe they can’t make it I styled an easy look with the most classic pieces in my wardrobe. This way you’ll find out once again that also fashionably speaking it’s not what you do but how you do it that counts!!!

In case you were not aware, the tweed blazer hanging in your closet cannot go out of style. You can basically wear it with anything and it will make you look super put together in less than 2.5 seconds. It’s such a versatile piece that whatever shape, lenght color and pattern will do. I opted for a safari structured blazer in orange zest which I’m mad about bold hues. In case you don’t own one it’s time to invest, you’ll not regret it! Any It-Girl approved wardrobe needs a great blazer.

I made up my mind: sometimes leggings can be pants. Especially when they come in stretchy flannel ( total lifesaver) fabric in a checkered pattern to misquote and mismatch your upper part. Warm and yet so refreshing !

For a weather-appropriate look, wear your basic go-to shirt under a burgundy ruffled cardigan vest, the perfect combo for a feminine and sombre outfit.

Feel like something is missing? What about a slightly seductive flair? Treat your feet with ankle boots in black patent leather and get ready to conquer the town in style.

Clever Touch: as you might know berets dominated Instagram in 2017, and I have no reason to believe the trend is slowing down. Whatever the color and the shape they will make your winter styling a whole lot prettier. I myself, find it so cute I swear is the one winter accessory that I could wear every single day .

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