Fall in Foliage…

Fall and winter fashion is all about good layering in order to look interesting and still feel warm and season appropriate. What you’ll need to pull together many different looks, is just the perfect basics: Continue Reading →

PINK, it’s not even a question.

Personally, the both of us (… ehmm …actually solely Anna’s speaking here..and not at all because it’s her birth month..) think November is the loveliest month of the year ! oook..don’t boo, we can hear Continue Reading →

Awwtumn: the cutest season!!!

Awwtumn, for us, means getting to layer up! It may sound challenging but it’s actually quite fun 🙂 Cause just because a look is warming it doesn’t have to be boring. Fashion rule #1 : Continue Reading →

Each Day is Valentine’s Day

You have a romantic dinner date? You’re going out with your friends for those kind of one too many cocktails night out? you’re having a cozy night in with someone special? Everything is planned but Continue Reading →

Heading to a fancy carnival party and still don’t have the right disguise?

Everybody ( ehm…almost ) loves a good carnival. Not only do we have a socially sanctioned excuse to wear funny and ridiculously silly items but also we have a chance to get kooky-creative and party Continue Reading →

Winter Outfit: Faux Fur is Fair!

As the temperature drops, It’s harder and harder to feel sure about what to wear and yet stay fashionable. When the weather is cold and extreme you’d just pile up layers and layers of cozy clothing. Continue Reading →

Tales of the Desert…

Along the N-340 A highway, 30 minutes drive from Almeria, on the coast, you’ll encounter an area of badlands, infinite quiteness and overwhelming beauty. Take note: the Tabernas Desert is a pure natural marvel, a Continue Reading →

Tips for travel planning? Sun & comfort food will open your mind!

  Eventually we picked a destination for our short yet necessary vacation and it’s going to be Andalusia! For starters, here to you some numbers: 1 car, 2 sisters, 7 days, 5 cities and a Continue Reading →

As we were strolling around the streets of Bari…

We got lost in “Bari Vecchia” and we took the chance to shoot some pics of a new and slightly boho outfit! Bari has definitely some crackers locations: you got the historical spots, the brightful Continue Reading →

How to nail the sightseeing outfit!

Bisognerà che ve ne facciate una ragione: la primavera / estate 2015 sarà completamente ispirata agli anni 70. E quindi, persino in vacanza dovrete esibire un look naturale e disinvolto dai toni hippie-boho. In viaggio Continue Reading →