Terrace appropriate look

You can’t go wrong with classics

Despite Procida is an easy ferry ride from Naples it’s still pretty
much unknown by the flock of tourists visiting the Bay of Naples most
renowned islands like Capri and Ischia. Nevertheless with its pastel coloured fishing village, its wild cliffs, fresh seafood and amazing historical heritage, it’s definitely one of most authentic places to visit when looking for undiscovered Italy still unspoilt by mass tourism.

We had the best time there celebrating New Years Eve and during our
stay ended up completely and utterly in love with its beautiful
surroundings and stunning views! We named it one of our favorite
retreat spots for a quiet and reinvigorating getaway.

During our stay we had the chance to enjoy a very nice hotel with a
beautiful citrus garden and two terraces overlooking a cobalt
Tyrrhenian Sea. You could spend hours just pensively thinking and
watching the small winding roads and handsome villas facing the
indented coastline, the natural harbours and small light houses.  The
whole island is the embodiment of real southern Italy’s beauty.
So what could be the perfect look to flaunt in such an outstanding
place? I’d say that in any place in the world, you can’t go wrong with
a classy look.

Just follow this simple guideline to achieve the polished yet effortless style :

1. Trench Coat
I mean… come on! How can you be on a windy terrace overlooking the
Gulf of Naples  without a classic trench coat? I deeply love this
piece of wardrobe as there are so many variations in the cut and color
that you can never get bored of it. When you leave it open it will
flow dramatically in the wind, and when you belt it around the
waistline it gives your body such a streamlined and sophisticated
touch. Trench coats are those lifetime garments that you must have in
your wardrobe.

2. Cozy Cream Sweater
Another staple of mine for my layered vacation wardrobe is the perfect
cream sweater. I love every kind of sweater or cardigan but so far
I’ve been drawn by knitted vests so season-less and endlessly
versatile. I choose to incorporate this one shoulder ruffled knitted
vest in my look because of the slightly girly and feminine flair I
could have added to an otherwise more masculine look. An interesting
rose embroidered gingham cotton shirt left unbottoned on a burgundy
turtleneck completed the upper part of the outfit.

3. White Pants
Just like the trench, there are many variations of white trousers…
Besides the typical jeans you can always travel with, I recently fell
in love with these white denim joggers and have been wearing them
non-stop! They look great with high heels, a low block heel, loafers,
or even boots (as seen above)! Also I kind of find wearing white
during the winter season very chic.

4. The Belt Bag
The fanny pack is officially back for a while now and I’m loving it.
It’s such a cool statement piece and I confess that going hands-free
feels pretty great. For a sure wow effect I went for this cute
embroidered version by HOBA RTW which I’m practically mad about !

5. Comfy shoes
As the saying goes these boots are made for walking because of their
thick heel. I love them and always bring them with me when travelling.
In case you can’t bare such an opotion you can always switch to a
trendy pair of sneakers and walk your way up to the higher spots of th
e island and enjoy the view.

And you? where did you celebrate New Year’ Eve?
I’m super curious to find out hidden places to visit next time!

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