Urban luxe comes in neutrals

Never thought to get the most out of a neutral palette

If I had to describe my current approach to streestyle fashion in two words, it would be urban luxe. Speaking of new fashion territories you must find your own path and it takes a while to build up cohesive yet original looks. What I’m doing so far is experimenting the hi-lo balance in order to go out of my comfort zone and challenge myself to play around with clothing. In the end what else is it that fashion should ignite in people other than fun and freedom?

As you guys might know I’ve been travelling to Spain these past days and I was pleasantly surprised by the beauty of the places I : so much to visit and such a huge source of fresh inspiration.

What better occasion than travelling to work on mastering the layer tecnique?

First things first: skin tight turtlenecks are real life-saver on the go to protect you from freezing and most of all are super luggage friendly. I paired it with my funny boho chic fringed knitted vest. How much I love walking in this piece, so cozy and warm yet dainty and playful. To balance up the whole thing and accentuate the waistline reducing bulk, I went for a structured and textured corset belt. So far I’ve been pretty much into accessories with a character like this crisp rusty beauty: the cleverest and most stylist way I know to lift up any outfit. Plus they are relatively small and super easy to pack!

But let’s introduce you to my latest crush! Don’t you love the riding cut, the high waisted wide straigth legs and the rust colour, the heavy fabric of those denim trousers? To me it’s the perfect mix of manly and out of the ordinary. I think a lot of people shy away from high-waisted, full lenght jeans nowadays because it is too reminiscent of the 80s, but, it’s just a matter of approaching it in the right way. Fun fact is that I did not like them either in the first place as I found their wearability challenging and a kind of unflattering. This is proof of what I’ve been telling you about style evolution and ones’s perception. Nowadays, not only I feel myself free to wear whatever I like but I also see my body differently, finally allowing it to have all the fun it deserves and not restraining it to look just good. And this feels soooo empowering.

I finished the look with my usual duster coat and the perfect pair of white boots! Actually those cuties are bicolor and have a classy chunky round heels that make super comfy: the exact outfit game-changer you need when walking many hours a day while travelling and don’t want to sacrifice you style. Is there anything better? Let me know you style tricks, I’ll be delighted to read your comments.

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