Watch your Fashion Lingo Kid!

Being a fashionista can be a tough job especially cause keeping up with all the official trends and the independent designers is quite something. But what if along with their wardrobewise concerns they should be paying attention to their language too? Fact is,that apparently a whole new glossary for not so new trends is sweeping the web.

  1. Skort

Definition: generally a pair of shorts with a fabric panel resembling a skirt covering the front or simply a quirky hybrid between a skirt and a short.

In case you were already thinking to boring and functional sports apparel, you might want to check Prada first.


2. Fanny

Definition: A dubious accessory that every now and then creeps out in our fashion way. Truth is designers have been testing the limit of this utilitarian bag so hard that has become something completely different! Either wearable cross-body or waist tied, you can easily pull it off with whatever outfit.

And afterall hands-free is ultra-comfortable!! Use one to rock an oversized blazer, like this bold version by DKNY.

3. Slides

Definition: the very epythome of every woman’s dream coming true. Going out in your slides and being so dang cool. So far funky sliders are huge on the ruways and it seems that are going to stay out there for quite long a comfortable time. Furry, pearly, embroidered, tomboyish, feminine, sporty, florals, sequins..just pick your stylish pair of choice. What about those three beauties by Dolce e Gabbana, Lanvin and Prada?

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