Welcome The Statement Coat Season

Wintry fashion rule: Even when the temperatures go below freezing, you still want to look glamourous. That’s why among all the tons of outfit inspiration out there, I could safely say that a good statement coat might actually make you like the cold weather.

Whatever your choice will be, colors, prints, textures, volumes, you’ll achieve an easy way to add personality and fun touches to how you present to the outside world.

A statement coat is the ultimate investment piece that will elevate any look from athleisure, to denim or small dresses. Of course, You have plenty of daring options but if you’re looking for a quieter statement, just go for a chunky oversized silhouette. That’s exactly what I did by throwing on my musk green oversize wool coat. This piece is so cozy and versatile I never want to take It off also cause I practically lime to wear It with everything.

When in doubt while looking for the right outerwear, I often use this coat as a strategic layering trick to dress up or down the whole look. This time I was in the mood for a more relaxed and care-free style so I choose my “your vibe attracts your tribe” embroidered sweatshirt which I desperately love. A logo sweatshirt that has a powerful claim on It, goes with so many things in your closet. You can obviously wear It at your yoga lesson or just pair it with a checkered pencil midi skirt and you’ve got a comfy office look.

I went for my fleece tartan leggings which are both comfy and classic pattern-wise speaking.

Old favourite worn out sneakers on and I was ready for my first Winter hike in the snow.

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