Quick question: what do you ask yourself when getting dressed in the morning? Are you aware that the clothes you wear will inevitalbly present yourself? They’ll scream how you feel, which kind of different persona you took on and also which style influences are you intrigued by lately. Sometimes you don’t need any word to say something about you and make a loud statement. That’s why dear heathens, fashion styling may turn into an intellectual choice right beside the overall aesthetic one.

In this very mood we came up with the “Wildflowers” webitorial. Dedicated to all of you free spirits and wild thinkers who bravely hold on to your nomad souls and dare to flourish everywhere.

Marginal note: Flowers are terrific mood enhancers, so buy them furiously! Hand-pick them for your home, have them delivered to your friends, grab them and surprise your loved ones. It’s a good feeling, having flowers.

And if you need us, we’ll be hanging in a meadow a little more.

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