10 Fun New Words Millenials Love

In case you struggle to catch up with the new viral words Millenials seem to find relevant these days, here to you something you may want to use this 2018.

  1. SNATCHED Another way of saying, “Damn — you look good.” Basically the old “on fleek.”
  2. LIT previously meant drunk, more recently means awesome, excellent, turned up.
  3. LOL — laugh out loud (usually used to express amusement online or in text)
  4. KEEP IT 100 acting in a way that’s true to yourself and your values, also respectful to others.
  5. JOMO Joy of Missing Out . Alternate to FOMO ( Fear of Missing Out).
  6. GOAT Greatest of All Time. Opposite of WOAT (Worst of All Time).
  7. OTP One True Pairing. Especially used in fandoms to describe one’s favourite fictional couple.
  8. SALTY mad, upset, bitter, agitated.
  9. CANCEL to delete someone or something out of your life.
  10. STAN combination of stalker and fan.


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