Accessorize With What You Believe In

When your accessories do all the talking

It’s safe to say there is no such thing as too many graphic pieces in one outfit. Because when you feel at the most talkative nothing feels as wearable as a piece of clothing with a message of any kind. Even better and certainly more unexpected if we’re talking about accessories.

As most of you may acknowledge well chosen accessories can lift up any style and give it character. According to me this is especially true for bandanas. In the following shots you see me donning my latest catch by Hoba RtW: a reversible “H” embroidered triangular bandana. I’m literally obsessed with hairkerchieves and neck-pieces so far  mostly because of their versatility on a daily basis and their great wearability I could experience on travel.

Either you throw it on for protection or mere fashion purposes, the outcome is going to be instantly stylish. Of course I’m not talking about the well-known possibilities to employ it for your bad-hair days. What a misuse of such a badass timeless piece! When shopping for a bandana, you’ll be able to choose between so many different patterns and fabrics that will give your look a confident yet casual vibe.

When it comes to styling suggestions you could wear it around your neck, head or wrist, experimenting also with different knots. It could turn into the charming addition to a sophisticated look or the playful touch for a more relaxed appearance. Whatever you’ll try, you’ll discover bandanas can work for any season and can easily complement a variety of outfits in a bold and unique way.

The same goes with the rest of the outfit. That’s why finding new ways to wear clothes can sometimes feel like a difficult task.

Nevertheless, as we live in a time where stylewise more is more, I noticed than a simple trick to express novelty could be layering your go-to maxi dress with your go-to button-up. By simply changing in outwear the function of one of your beloved pieces, you’ll get to refresh your wardrobe staples.

I totally agree with my purse! And you? How do you think about it?

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