A Whole Colorful Wool World

26735973_10155404817443823_758589506_oWhen I travel to a different city in the cold season, figuring out what to pack can be very challenging. I have to take everything from the weather to the mood of the city into account when picking out looks that must not take away all my luggage room. Wool pieces seems the quick answer but is there a way to keep yourself toasty and warm without sacrificing your style? Well, first of all there’s a whole wool world to be fashionably explored. Secondly, mastering a good layering tecnique is essential.

Last days I was in Berlin for my birthday and I spent the most amazing time visting the city which I deeply loved. Some neighbourhoods more than others felt surprisingly familiar and welcoming. One of those was the beautiful and charming Schöneberg. The district is pretty big, eclectic and manifold. I loved its general flair but particularly its side streets, quiter and more elegant than the main ones, the perfect scenario for a relaxing walk stepping on coloured crunchy leaves.

I took a chance to take some shots of my outfit which was unwittingly styled for those wide tree alleys.

26853362_10155404817593823_490882450_oFor this look, I went for a color palette I don’t usually wear just to challenge myself to a new and fresh vision. In order to prove myself that there is no such thing as too feminine or too girly colors, I went all the way down the pinkish road.

And to be honest I liked it a lot. The unexpected result was a sophisticated look with a few well balanced flirty touches. I mashed up some of my favorite current trends: statement details, sartorial shapes and polished accessories.

I went for a purple and lilac striped knit vest which in the wintertime isn’t exactly a novel concept, but I love the wide satin ribbon detail on the neckline that allows you to play with its shape and proportion. I styled it with one of my go-to striped blouses and my new wool wrap midi skirt with floral embroidered application which I find very figure-flattering notwithstanding the weight of the fabric.

A patent leather tote and a pair of black  patent ankle boots added the cool-girl edge to my otherwise too dainty ensemble.

Style Tip: If you’re ready to take your layering skills to the next level, the off-the-shoulder long wool coat trick is the way to go — especially if you’re wearing such a colorful outfit.


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