Watch your Fashion Lingo Kid!

Being a fashionista can be a tough job especially cause keeping up with all the official trends and the independent designers is quite something. But what if along with their wardrobewise concerns they should be Continue Reading →

Who’s behind the Women’s March

We stand together in solidarity thanking all the amazing role models that led the way. “The test for whether or not you can hold a job should not be the arrangement of your chromosomes.”  Bella Continue Reading →

Are you a Phubber or a Phubbee?

Rome, Monti. "Phubber/Phubbee" 2ofaKindMag fashion shoot

Come on, admit it, you are a phubber, like the most of us are. If not a habitual one, we are reasonably sure it has occasionally occurred to you, either consciously or not. In any Continue Reading →

The ultimate guide to a woman’s heart: gastrosexuality unveiled.

Times have changed. If you guys really want to get lucky in love, forget about taking her to an intellectual movie, to the coolest exhibition in town or to an experimental stage show: few years Continue Reading →