Desert beach vibe

Winter and beaches are the perfect fashion combo

It’s been already few days that we are back home, and to work, and I still have to organize and post all the gorgeous material we collected during our Spanish getaway. What a blast it was and stili s just going through all the beautiful pictures we took there! I feel overwhelmed with the stunning memories I’ve collected. But most of all I’m so grateful for all the things and places I had the chance to discover especially because I believe that when you leave a beautiful place you get to carry a little part of it with you.

A very special spot we strolled by was the marvellous Malvarrosa Beach . Actually we stayed in a nice hotel right in front of the beach and it was more than amazing. Can you imagine how refreshing and soul healing is waking up and hearing the seasound and just few minutes later having breakfast with a seaview?

There are many things I love, but winter and desert beaches will forever be faithfully up top in my favourites. So to bring those together and in one perfectly sunny day: dream fashion shoot come true.

Also I couldn’t resist but to take some photos as I had come up with an outfit I liked a lot and I wanted to share it with you. I started layering up from a black lace bodysuit which is the perfect way to give your look a little sass. If you’re feeling a little more daring than I am, you can choose to play with its transparency and show it all, or you can just make it peek out a long robe dress for a classy yet interesting ensemble. As for the bottom I chose my cute go-to jacquard floral print white pants. I love their flowy fabric and high waist design, makes me feel feminine and powerful at the same time.

Having already layered many texture and patterns I decided to go monocrome on the out wear. Nevertheless keeping it solid doesn’t have to be boring, especially when you find the right hue. That’s why I’m so much in love with my boiled wool olive green egg shape long coat. Little piece of advice for the petite gals like me: if you would like to wear something similar and you’re afraid of oversized designs, just don’t be and give it a try! You’ll look fantastic just wearing the slight heeled pointed booties to give you that immediate lift of confidence you’re looking for.

As for the clip-on earrings, I loved to add a bit of gold to my otherwise cold tonal make. Non too big, not too small, a healthy amount of ‘chunky’ – I adore their grape leaves shape and I like to think they bring me luck.

Lastly in case it wasn’t totally obvious from my style choices so far, donning the neck scarf as a headkerchief is my newest obsession! This simple accessory can make all the difference in elevating your outfit and will surely add a touch of sophistication to your look. Also don’t underestimate its practicality: you’ll be glad to have it and protect your hairstyle from windy days or humid weather

And you? What’s your style obsession so far?

Keep me posted! 😉

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