Do not Fear to Layer

If I I’d ever started a diary about my travels I would have written the following entry.

On my day 2 in Berlin, strolling by Kreuzberg felt so “real”, if you know what I mean. All of a sudden I realize I was longing for that feeling for so long.

The whole area is full of life, streetart, small shops, cute cafè and interesting people. If you haven’t been there I’d suggest you not to rush and take some time to wander the neighbourhood just to breathe its laidback, informal artsy atmosphere.

That morning, while planning my visit to the district I was looking for an outfit that screamed: I’m having fun!

So far I’ve come to the conclusion that no matter what, it’s all about having fun. Some would argue that it’s a very banal fact but I can assure you it’s not as easy task as it sounds.

  1. Protest the Winter gloom

Winter outfits don’t have to be neutral palette driven to look polished. Actually going out in a colourful and vibrant attire may turn into a mood enhancer. So open the doors for colour and clashing patterns to shed a magical light on your grim winter. I went for an abstract print with vintage flair blouse. I love the way it peeks out from underneath the vest showing off its beautiful black, white and bright red motif. Pretty and powerful.

  1. Mix & Match

Draped wrap skirts and knit vests are such classic pieces that until now I hadn’t really ever tried incorporating them into my wardrobe. I was wrong as hell. You can succesfully style the most modern and fresh outfit as long as you play around with textures, designs and prints. That’s why I picked a striped vest and a checkered skirt with contrasting optical belt detail.

  1. Load it All On

Needless to say winter season and freezing temperatures are a bummer.  But what if you could turn your lemons into an occasion for a new hobby: fashion experimenting? For sure you’ll need a lot of layers to fight the weather, so what’s better chance to play around with those cool pieces or accessories that provide the perfect warmth and style juxtaposition?

For me, I grounded a statement with my bold, double-breasted long wool coat, patent ankle boots and a pair of burgundy knee-high socks over my sheer stockings for a little more texture.

What do you think? Isn’t it the perfect outfit for a chilly day of darting around the city?


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