Going classic with a twist

When classic is way far from boring

What I find most exciting about fashion is the never ending array of styling possibilities you actually get just mix and matching the same pieces in different ways.

All you have to do is keep your mind open and go with your guts! trust your fashion instint as it always knows what’s best to represent yourself. More importantly never say never because you almost always will in fashion – you really don’t know until you try!

My personal style tends to be more spontaneous and authentically mine with a balanced mix of staple pieces and major trends. I developed my aesthetic by learning which clothing complimented my body type the most but still trying to push my fashion challenge always further. That’s why I simply love to start from classic pieces: because of their versatility you can give them an unexpected twist by pulling the whole thing in different directions by means of the latest trends inspiration.

That’s exactly why I totally fell in love with this super cute midi-dress from HOBA RTW. When I first saw it, I was instantly drawn to it. The textured fabric, the warm musturd hue, the structured neckline and most of all its extremely flattering design is so modern while flauting that vintage. For the styling I was trying to achieve the dress was actually too feminine by itself so I thought I would layer it with a chunky lavender knit vest to give the whole look a bit off un and colour. I added a thin belt to cinch it all and define my shape.

There’s where I need to find a few cool elements to make the look more interesting! My killer adidas training shoes and my lightweight overside duster coat were my choice for a sleek lady-like look with an added edge. Sometimes it’s easier than you think: just reach for your favorite off-duty pieces for more contrast and texture.

I completed my look with a headkerchief which is the kind of hair accessory I’ve been constantly wearing recently. I started playing around with scarves a couple of months ago and my obsession has just grown since then! They’re like jewelry for your hair and there are so many options that you will be amazed. To me they represent a perfect combo of dresys and trendy, my favourite as it just makes me feel super confident.

I want to say goodbye with a piece of advice. Remember that being sexy isn’t all about skin-revealing clothing but more about attitude and styling choices, something about a peculiar silhouette, an unexpected pairing, an uncommon accessory, hair and make up choices that summon the effortlessness, the poise, the enigmatic and ever-so-coveted je ne sais quoi.

You decide what works for you best, everyone else will perceive it.

What do you gals think of this style?

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