Graphic t-shirts are always a good idea

How to style a graphic t-shirt and still look put-together

The graphic t-shirt has recently encountred a resurgence and it’s pretty much a wardrobe essential. I’m sure the reason is that it’s  an easy way to get dressed, look cool and still express  your personality.

From those bearing inspirational printed phrases to those adorned in political messages, you actually  get an endless array of choice. Also some days in particular they could come more in handy than ever. For example, when you’re going through tough situations, has it ever happend to you to get dressed in order to feel better? Or, on the contrary, when you already feel good, do you wish your outfit could show that? I experience both scenarios all the time. Life is so everchanging and so it is my mood, that’s why I love when my outfit’s speaking on my behalf without me having to say a word. That’s where the graphic tee comes in and spice your style up.

I know, Summer is here and your closet is chock-full of cute dresses, but don’t you feel you need some major outfit inspiration? Might I suggest a very simple ensemble?

I’m obsessed with my “HOBadass” embroidered graphic tee by Hoba Rtw which I’m wearing on repeat and always excited about the way it makes me able to express my inner status. This time I paired it with another one of my recent favourite, an ethnic print bias cut breezy skirt.

I love how those two pieces look together as they end up to convey that special power of liberating silhouettes…those able to accompany you everywhere you can have a good time; those apparently casual and stylishly distant pieces that you mix and match and unexpectedly look put-together but still on the verge of leaving for another misterious adventure.

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