Fashionwise we were advised the following: “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off” Coco Chanel.

Being maximalists, we’ve thought a lot about whether and how we should take this sage advice from a woman who unquestionably was, and still is, the epythome of elegance.

First matter to deal with is that like our cupcakes we prefer our style with a lot of frosting. That’s why we naturally found ourselves big fans of layered outfits.

Moreover, if fashion is arguably visual communication, isn’t adding stratums more in tune with the complexity and variety needed in your personal daily conversation?

Least and hardly last, once you’ve mastered this technique you get to solve even practical necessities ( see comfort and cold ) while actually looking pretty cool.

Our advice? Just try it already! You’ll thank us later!

You could start taking inspiration from an outfit we styled on our short yet marvellous Swedish getaway! You’ll start with a striped b/w fitted shirt — ruffled neckline and cuffs optional but I strongly suggest it cause it gives you that gorgeous Victorian vibe — that will allow for multiple over-layers. Pair it with an abstract patterned form fitting tailored crop top which is soooo flattering (I totally adore this one by Hoba Demi-Couture). A sleek pleated black midi skirt and golden thread embroidered tapestry mary janes will incorporate textures and materials to your style.

At this point you might want to tie a splash of color at your waist and going for a sporty adjustable belt in bright red would the best choice in order to dress your look a little down.

We finished the whole style with a messy bun hairdo and a dramatic red lipstic make up. Needless to say that this attire was perfectly matching the subtle naughtycal mood of our Stockolm Archipelago Cruise.


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