Never Underdressed With The Right Coat

Winter outfit planning is all about the coat or mostly about It. A good coat is like the final touch on a polished stone. Of course it’s expected to keep you warm, but it’s also the most visible part of your outfit, so it’s kind of important whether it looks stunning or basic. The key rule to elect your perfect coat is finding one that features both a timeless pattern and a flattering fit that you’ll love and, perhaps more importantly, love wearing for many seasons to come. That being said, I can list you below a few tips to help you look for the statement coat of your heart.

Whatever your investment spectrum is, you’ll be quite sure to own something that’s worth the fuss, if any of this happens:

1. When you walk in wearing this kind of outwear everyone will notice. If you’ve got a great coat, it becomes your outfit.

2. It feels like an outfit you can always count on. Some special pieces don’t fall trap you to the sea of sameness. My suggestion? Get yourself a statement custommade coat that’s as unique as yourself. I love my lapel embroidered long coat by HOBA RtW for this very reason.

3. The right model looks beyond cool even with sneakers.

4. A well-cut piece allows you to keep your accessories simple. That’s actually what I did by putting on just my puffy faux fur polka dots headband by HOBA RtW. This combo practically made me feel like I didn’ t need anything else to cover and decorate my body.

5. You’ll feel way more sophisticated all wrapped in It. With a cool, statement-coat, chances are you’ll instantly behave like your most stylish self.

6. When this coat makes even the most basic of looks more interesting. That’s what It magically did to my otherwise boring grey sweater and long pleated skirt.

7. When you see It and can only utter yes to everything happening here.

And you? Got anything to share?

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