Color matching with the Nordic Palette

Our recent long weekend getaway to Stockolm was truly amazing. We are still pretty excited cause the city is soooo inspiring and even cooler than expected! We are definitely going back some day for more awesomeness.

As always, when on vacation, all the outfits we planned to pack in the luggage were styled thinking about the place to visit. We set ouselves on both Nordic mood and general vibe. As most of you might have noticed, Scandi style has never been bigger: its clean lines, polished silhouettes and colour blocking are huge in whatever branch of design.

That’s why we tried to focus on a well balanced layered look made of different pieces with subtle sporty or utilitarian influences easy to dress up or down according to the circumstances.


A powder pink satin boxy puffer bomber is your every-cold-day dressing hack. We deeply love it as it’s very versatile both in shape and color. Usually Scandi people have a thing for minimal, well cut pieces in neutral shades like pale blue, grey or white. Which is really great and lovely to see but fact is we cannot live without bright colors. We picked one of our super coloured v-neck knitted vest in purple and lilac stripes and balanced the look with a classic button up b/w striped shirt. In order to enhance the textures and materials contrast we paired an eco leather burgundy midi skirt in the bottom part. At this point we were only few steps away from pulling off that polished yet effortless look we were looking for. Added a vivid red adjustable belt to further form shape the silhouette and check socks for more structure. Grabbed one of our fave Red Carpet clutches by Hoba Demi-Couture and stepped in our beloved white and black boots which are really made for walking!

Sightseeing fool proof outfit, we promise!

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