Sweet Surrender To Polka Dots

Like stripes or florals, polka dots never really go out of style—but I must confess I’ve never been a huge fan of spotted prints. That’s exactly why I challenged myself to surrender to this retro prints revival and give It my personal makeover.

My policy: if It has to be polka dots then let’s go all the way and make It head- to- toe or quite so. I believe this solution requires little-to-no styling, as It’s basically just incorporating all the spotty prints you get into your wardrobe into a single outfit. You’ll be surprised to notice that mixing other sizes or colours polka will not look loud at all, but in fact very harmonious.

So, when looking for polka dots print in my wardrobe I could pull together a mini pencil skirt, a pair of Laura Biagiotti pointed sling back and a clutch bag. A small satin bag to complete the look proves that a print clash makes everything look way more expensive. The only ostensible exception in the print department was this dreamy ruffled saffran blouse I’m wearing on repeat so far. This kind of fit is amazingly flattering as it’s one of those pieces you can throw on, whilst also looking like you’ve made a huge effort. And actually the reason I also selected this top Is that It comes with a whimsical dotted and fringed belt. I love this kind of accessories as the are very useful to point out the waistline and flow beautifully around the body while walking.

Looking later at the pictures we took of the whole look I must say I was pretty much satisfied and quite inspired by the overall melancholy of the shoots. I therefore wrote few lyrics I’m posting below 😀

Let me know your thoughts about the outfit and all 😉

Disappointment song I wanted to hail and have a car coming to me in seconds. None of them pulled over and let me hop in – couldn’t be missed in my cab color bluse. Sunday afternoon is the worst time to hail a cab. I chose the wrong city for my yellow ride.

Wearing head to knee @hoba.wardrobe

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