The Mandarin Collar: A Never Ending Love Story

I hereby declare my love and devotion to the doublebreast mandarin collar shirt. Whatever the shape, from a form-fitting style to a more relaxed version; from a monochrome to a patterned one, you really can’t go wrong here, and a bonus is that this peculiar style looks good on pretty much every body shape.

Also, a mandarin collar shirt is always a classic, and you don’t have to put it away when it’s cold. You can either wear it with a knit turtleneck underneath, in order to keep the warmth when the temps drop, or you can simply pair it with a tailored checkered blazer for a more sophisticated approach to the old shirt and jacket combo.

My suggestion for this winter? Use bold colors and clean silhouettes. I went for red tonal dressing trying to mix and match patterns and structure for a more interesting look.

A second advice I’m feeling to give is to treat yourself to some elevated classics like palazzo pants!  When you’re out of ideas It’ll be so easy to pull together a polished and casual look with a well-cut striped pair of trousers. Also for the fashion brave, I would consider wear them like a canvas for a vibrant statement. A logo embroidered option will add a pop of colour to any neutral outfit and deliver a more textured vibe in case you choose to walk down the tonal dressing road.

For what concern the shoes? No worries, It is as easy as it gets: pointed bright red patent leather stiletto boots. When else do you plan to wear these beauties ?

At last, I feel you will need to turn the same old coats routine around. May I suggest the shawl instead? And for me, the bigger, the better! It’s amazing how easily you can style this cold weather accessory. Try throwning it carelessly over your shoulder or wrapping it around multiple times. I promise you’ll not be fashionably disappointed.

Have a fun day out in your favorite part of town, I’ll read you later !

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