The Shinier the Merrier

If 2017 has taught me one thing it is that your whole attire would inevitably say something about yourself. So, since the way you dress speaks volumes about who you are as a person, you better pay attention to your style.

The New Year’s Eve is a very special time to me and many other people, where you can look forward to new beginnings, fresh outlooks on life and envision a better and brighter future. That day I was feeling so positive and excited that I wanted to show it clearly by looling shinier than ever !

Even though going out like human glitter would have been a great alternative, I eventually opted for a simpler sequined blue sky color bomber jacket. I instantly fell in love with this cool item and its shimmery fabric only to notice later that its delicate rose embroideries were even cooler. But the best part was the back!! If you plan to take the extra mileage out of your outfit you must definitely go for something that features bold lettering or word art. I’m obsessed with the “hobattitude” big badge on the jacket back, I love everything about it: its modern design, the concept and the whole new vibes it sends out.

For the rest of my outfit I thought the dressiness of a wool pleated midi-skirt paired with the casual-coolness of a graphic tee seemed the right choice to keep the refreshing twist of the styling.

Even though minibags seem not to hold really anything — maybe a lipstick, your mobile and your car keys — they’re so cute you have to have them.

I love so much my logo embroidered cross-body mini bag by HOBA that I was ready to master the art of traveling light for the sake of being on-trend.

To finish it off I threw on a pair of golden statement earings and shiny make-up for some more sparkle.

FYI !!! I might report some extra points of shimmers. You don’t see them in the picture but  that night my feet danced wildly in the most  lovely shiny pink pointy-toe pumps and it felt amazing !! Because if not New Year’s Eve, WHEN?


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